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SLK Ballet School

Professional Training School for Gifted Young Dancers



SLK Ballet School’s term runs from September through May. Our Full-Time and Associate Programs are for intermediate and advanced students, 12* to 19 years old. Admission to SLK Ballet School programs are by audition only.


*Children must be 12 years old by October 1 to audition and enroll for that year’s program. The 2021 Program begins the week of 13 September.


SLK Ballet School looks at each applicant as an individual. The School is selective in admitting new students and renewing their enrollment from year to year. Applicants who wish to enroll in the full-time program must be able to show a physical ability to endure classical ballet training, and be open minded and willing to work at the same level as a professional athlete. Younger applicants must demonstrate a passion and basic aptitude for learning classical ballet.


Below is the information for our 2021 – 2022 Term, which runs from 

13 September 2021 – 28 May 2022. 

Winter/Spring Term runs from 10 January – 28 May 2022. 


Due to COVID restrictions, classes will be offered in-person or virtually if preferred.

Listed below are tuition associated fees for the 2021 – 2022 Term. Upon enrollment, families are responsible for the full tuition and fees as outlined in the enrollment agreement. If a student withdraws during the year, any balance due will still be collected and no refunds of payments to-date will be made. A 9-month installment plan is available for dancers enrolled in all levels.

2021– 2022 TERM CLASSES

Full-Time Program


25 – 30 hours per week

Monday to Friday


Associate Program

(Intermediate and Advanced)

5 – 7 hours per week

3 days per week


Open After School Program

Monday to Friday $40 per 2-hour day 

Saturday $60 per 3-hour day

Male Dancer Scholarship Program


25 – 30 hours per week

Monday to Friday

Tuition is free in the specially funded Male Program for all Boys who are enrolled Full-Time; only the Registration Fee is to be paid.

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Additional Fees
Registration Fee: $35

SLK Ballet School continues to consult with NYC guidelines to ensure the in-studio classes will be presented in the safest way possible with proper protocols and procedures in place and with a limited number of people in the building together. Email if you would prefer the virtual option or make a note when registering. If at any point NYC guidelines change, we will alter our schedule accordingly. Click here to read through our in-studio protocols for students and families.

Tuition & Fees



SLK Ballet School is located in New York City. Auditions are available throughout the year. To be considered as a student please complete the Audition Request Form below and provide a current headshot along with pictures of yourself in first position and in arabesque. Please also include your last two years of training. 
Full-Time students only will be contacted to schedule an audition class. Once approved an audition fee of $35.00 is due before class commences.
We accept checks, or payment SLK Ballet via Venmo @Sara-Knight-17.


Audition Request Form
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