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Donate to SLK Ballet School

Your generous support will help our dancers to be ready for the moment when we can safely raise the curtain again on a full program of studio classes, community outreach, inventive choreography, and joyful performances.


Here’s what your gift will help us achieve:


  • Keep the SLK Ballet School dancing and building organizational muscle to emerge even stronger.

  • Devote special attention to outstanding advanced students in the Chevalier Ballet Conservatory who are planning to pursue professional careers in dance.

  • Keep our SLK Ballet School Male Dancers’ Scholarship program vital, with young men excelling in rigorous, high-energy classes.  


THANK YOU for your donation and for your continued support to our dancers!


Did you know:

Under the CARES Act, the federal pandemic relief program, individual taxpayers can take a  deduction  of up to $300 for donations made in 2020.  The deduction is taken “above the line,” and reduces, by up to $300, your adjusted gross income.


Thank you for your support!

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