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New Early Dance Program

Creative Movement and Ballet Classes for ages 3 to 12+

For registration, please email

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Ages 3-5

Children ages 3 to 5 are introduced to musicality, locomotion, and group movement skills through a fun-filled educational journey into the world of dance. Children in the age group engage in a 45-minute class filled with bright visuals and various music stimulating imagination and creativity. 

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Ages 6-8

Children ages 6 to 8 are introduced to the fundamentals of ballet while continuing to explore concepts of musicality, imagination, and locomotive skills.  Students are introduced to the basic structure of a ballet class, ballet class etiquette, and floor/free-standing exercises. Children in this age group begin to learn choreographic phrases and group dance.   

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Ages 9-12+

Students ages 9 to 12+ are introduced to a full ballet class structure, learning early concepts of ballet technique and terminology.  Studnets in this age group take an hour long class including barre work and center floor work exercises.  Students will gain flexibility, endurance, and impored ballet vocabulary through musically and choroegraphically challenging exercises.

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