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Pre-Professional Training Division

SLK Ballet Pre-Professional Training Program

SLK Ballet now offers an open After-School Pre-Professional Training Program for students of all levels ages 8+ who are looking for professional training in a supportive environment. 

Classes are offered throughout the week Monday to Friday from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM, and tuition can be prorated to fit the need of individual students and their schedules. The program includes classical ballet, pointe, character, contemporary, floor barre, pilates and stretch.

The After-School Program starts 28 September 2023 and runs through May 2024. 

*** Older students, After-School graduates, and high-school and college graduates seeking further full-time training are encouraged to audition for the affiliated Chevalier Ballet Professional Training Program ***

Registration & Fees


Registration is available throughout the year. To register your student, please complete the form below and provide a current headshot along with pictures of yourself in first position and in arabesque. Please also include your last two years of training, if applicable.  


Registration Form
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